What are the different Sales Promotion tools? Objectives Of Sales Promotion.

Main Sales Promotion Tools and Techniques


The main sales promotion tools, also known as ways of sales promotion, may broadly be split into two parts:
A) Consumer promotion methods, and B) Dealer sales methods

Types of sales promotion tools, details in this regard are as follows:

A. Consumer promotion methods:

Sales promotion tools at consumer level are those that directly encourage consumers to buy the product in growing amounts. These methods may be as follows:

1. Distribution of a free sample: Under this method, the maker distributes a free sample of the product to the buyers.

2. Discount coupons: Under this method, discount coupons are given to the customers. A discount coupon is a certificate that allows a customer to get a certain price on the purchase of a particular product.

3. Free gift: Under this method, the author says that a free gift will be given to customers on the purchase of a particular product in a specific quantity.

4. Reduction in Price: Under this method, the makers, or dealers announce heavy reductions in the prices of goods, usually on specific occasions or holidays.

5. Trade shows and exhibitions: India is a country in which different fairs and Exhibitions are held at different levels in different parts of the country. Some producers take part in these events and exhibitions and display their goods.

6. Contests and competitions: Some producers plan a game for marketing their goods to make them known and raise their sales.

7. Special prizes: Under this method, every customer of the product is given a prize coupon during a certain time. All the coupons given during this period are put into a box, and a lottery is taken therefrom. The winners are given some attractive prizes. Thus, this method also encourages consumers to buy and use the product.

8. Cheap bargain: Under this method, makers announce that with the purchase of a particular product, another product will be given at a very cheap rate.

9. Demonstration: Under this method of sales promotion, producers arrange to show the goods to customers so that they may know about the product and decide to purchase it. Such a show may be planned.at retail shops, at fairs and exhibitions, at events, or even on a door-to-door basis.

10. Decoration and display at the shop: Under this method, goods are decorated and displayed at the shop in such a way that they may draw the attention of the general public passing therefrom. It motivates them to come to the shops.Ask about these things and buy them.

11. Money-back guarantee: Under this method of sales promotion, makers promise that if their product does not meet certain standards, consumers can return it and get their money back. This method develops faith. And trust among consumers about the things they purchase.

12. After-sale service: After-sale service is an important sales promotion tools. Under this method, producers give a guarantee to consumers that they will keep the product in proper condition during a certain period, and if during this time consumers feel any problem, they can get it removed free of charge. It builds trust among customers about the quality of the goods.

B. Dealer sales methods:

Dealer sales methods is an importance in sales promotion tools and technique. Dealer marketing methods include all the methods that are chosen with a view to encouraging dealers and distributors to buy and resell the product in increasing amounts. Dealer marketing methods include the following:

i) marketing limit or marketing materials: Under this method, In sales marketing, makers give an advertisement allowance or advertisement materials to their distributors and dealers, and thus they support their dealers. And distributors to market their goods. Advertisement items supplied by companies to their dealers and wholesalers may be.

a) Diaries,

b) Calendars,

c) Literature,

d) Sign boards;

e) Packing bags;

f) Posters, etc.

ii) Quantity discount: Under this way of sales promotion, makers are given some discount to their dealers and sellers on the purchase of goods in a certain amount. It encourages them to buy the goods in large quantities.

iii) Incentives to salesmen: Under this method, makers offer some incentives to their salesmen so that they may take maximum interest in the sale of the product. For this purpose, some prizes may be set if salesmen achieve their pre-determined goals.

iv) Suitable credit policy: Under this method, companies allow credit to their dealers and wholesalers for a certain time. This allows them to purchase the goods in large quantities.

v) Meetings and seminars: Under this method, makers plan meetings. And workshops and ask all their dealers and distributors to attend such meetings. At these meetings and seminars, all the issues involving middlemen are reviewed and fixed.

vi) Commission: Under this method, makers announce that a special A fee will be given to the agents if they achieve pre-determined sales targets. A higher rate of commission may also be set for bigger sales.

Sales Promotion Objectives

Some important goals of sales promotion objectives may be described as follows:
1. To bring a new product into a market
2. To attract new buyers to buy the goods.
3. To keep present customers and encourage them to buy more.
4. To encourage dealers and distributors to buy the goods in bulk.

5. To reduce the decrease in sales during the season.
6. To create effective coordination between ads and sales.
7. To face the competition successfully.
8. To change the marketing strategies and policies of the business, staying in view the change in the policies and tactics of rivals.

9. To meet predetermined marketing goals.
10. To provide things and services of high quality to buyers at reasonable prices.  

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