Characteristics of management information system and their limitation and objectives

Characteristics of management information system In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations face the task of managing vast amounts of data from multiple sources effectively. To address this need, Management Information Systems (MIS) have emerged as important tools that provide managers with valuable information to make well-informed choices. An MIS is a computerized system that … Read more

What is Product Planning and Development? Need and Components for New product Development.

Product Planning and Development Each concern has different details for their product planning and development. They come in three phases: i) First, new product ideas are made. The planners assess the scope and importance of identifying market wants through marketing studies and buyer behavior, and appraise the extent to which present goods meet them. The … Read more

Factors affecting the product life cycle

Factors affecting the product life cycle, Marketing Management The product life cycle is a vital idea in marketing and product management that explains the stages a product goes through from its introduction to its final decline and removal from the market. Understanding the factors that impact the product life cycle is important for companies to … Read more

What is The Pricing process? Factors Affecting The Pricing Strategy.

6 Steps Pricing Process Pricing process are the most important decisions to be made by businesses and industrial enterprises. These choices determine the market share and competitive situation of a company. These choices also affect the total revenue and net profit of the business. In addition to this, marketing and sales promotions Programs are also … Read more