What are The Advertising Objectives? Difference Types of Advertising Media.

Some Important Advertising Objectives

Advertising objectives are specific goals and targets set by marketers to be achieved through their advertising efforts. These goals serve as guides for making effective advertisements and evaluating their success. The advertising objectives may change based on the company’s general marketing goals and the stage of the product or service life cycle. Some common advertising goals include:


To tell

  • Telling the market about a new product
  • Suggesting new uses for a product
  • Informing the market of a price change
  • Explaining how the tool works
  • Describing possible services
  • Correcting false images and lowering buyer’s fears
  • Building the company’s brand to persuade

To persuade

  • Building brand choice
  • Encouraging people to move to your brand
  • Changing the customer’s view of the product’s qualities
  • Persuading buyers to purchase now
  • Persuading customers to take a sales call

To remind

  • Reminding customers that the goods may be needed in the near future
  • Reminding them where to buy it
  • Keeping it in their thoughts during off-seasons
  • Maintaining its top-of-mind focus

Selling is the main aim for advertising objectives. Advertising can promise one try, but superior advertising cannot save an inferior marketing plan or rescue a bad product—at least not for long—but inferior advertising can destroy an excellent plan or product. It is therefore important for an advertising professional to understand how marketing works.
Products have both physical and intangible qualities. Advertising plays a part in sharing these with the customer.
Advertising helps improve and change a product’s place. Product positioning is the picture that the product projects in the minds of the customers in relation to other goods sold by the company and competitive products.

Without advertising, A great deal of the incentive for product creation will be lost. It helps educate consumers about new goods or send sales promotion inducements for trials in the introduction stage of the product life cycle. In the growth stage, the job of advertising is to build brand loyalty, whereas in the development stage, advertising plays a role in protecting and strengthening the brand’s value. In the decline stage, advertising is usually reduced or removed totally if it cannot be revived.

Types of Advertising Media

Advertising media refers to the various methods or sites through which marketers can push their goods, services, or messages to their target audience. There are numerous types of advertising media available, each with its own strengths and flaws. Here are some popular types of advertising media. Advertising media means any object or any device which is used to communicate the message, either written or oral, to the potential consumers. For the convenience of study, means of advertisement may broadly be divided into four.

1. Press advertising

2. Outdoor or painting ads

3. Direct mail advertising

4. Other media of advertising

1. Press advertising

The press is thought to be the most popular means of marketing these days. It is also thought to be the cheapest and best medium because of its widespread. Press ads may be split into two forms: Newspapers and magazines. Newspapers and magazines have become an important part of our day-to-day lives. The information regarding press advertisements is as follows:

Newspaper advertisement: All the ads made through Newspaper advertisements in A newspaper may be national, state, or district-level. It may be daily, weekly, or yearly. It may be in Hindi, English, or any other language.

Magazines or journals advertisements: When an advertisement is released In a magazine or journal, it is called a magazine or journal article.

2. Outdoor or painting ads

Outdoor ads are the ones that draw customers when They are out of their homes. These posters are placed on roads or otherwise.
This is the oldest form of promotion, but it is equally popular even these days. This is used very widely and often. Actually, this form of advertising is additive. It is taken with the goal of reminding customers of the product again and at all times and places. This method is very useful for products that need a wide reach.

3. Direct mail advertising

Direct mail advertising is a form of advertising in which the seller sends a personal message in writing through the post to some chosen people. This is also called advertising through the letter box.” J.W.W. Cassels defined direct mail. Advertising as “Direct Mail Advertising is using the letter box to tell the right people about the right goods at the right time in the right way.”
Salient traits of direct letter advertising.

i) The advertisement words are written in writing.
ii) These messages are directed directly to some selected people.

iii) The lesson may be different for different people.

4. Other media of advertising

Some different media of advertising may be explained as follows:

i)Fairs and shows: India is a country in which different fairs and exhibitions are organized in different parts at different times. Businessmen and Manufacturers take part in these shows and exhibitions and display their goods.
Since these fairs and exhibitions are visited by many people, Businessmen and manufacturers get a good chance to promote their goods.

ii) Cinema: Cinema is believed to be the cheapest and most famous medium of fun these days. Advertisers get their movie slides made, and These slides are played at the beginning and during the break.

iii) Radio and television: Radio and television have become very popular these days. Advertising through radio and television is becoming more popular these days. The truth is that the producers feel it is a grace to advertise their goods through these platforms. Advertising through television is getting more and more popular these days. Advertisements through these media may be in the form of a message or a paid show. Advertisement through These media has proven its success in creating, growing, and maintaining the market for the goods.

iv) Loud-speakers: Under this form of promotion, a rickshaw, a train, or a car, etc., is hired. A loudspeaker is put on it, and the message is stated in different areas of the city.

v) Sky writing: Under this way of advertising, some words are written in the sky with the help of a special gas from jets. These words stay in the sky for a few seconds. This method is not popular in our country.

vi)Free samples: Under this method, some sample packs are made and distributed among customers. These samples provide a chance for consumers to use them and then adopt these goods.

vii)Competition: Some makers announce a competition, and consumers are needed to reply to some questions and give a slogan about the product. They are also required to send some wrappers, cartoons, or cash memos. That may show that they have bought the goods. It improves the sales of the goods.

viii)Other means: Other means of advertising may be sales at lower prices, trade discounts, free gifts with a purchase of a certain value or quantity, window shows, etc.

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